In troublesome financial markets, opportunities have to be weighed against risk when considering investments. Our approach when investing is to eliminate as much risks as possible while maintaining our rate of return. We seek opportunities that have a calculated minimum set rate of return with the possibility of appreciation over time with as little risk as possible. Through a variety of creative structures we allow our partners & investors to use our strategy without having to worry about the day to day management of the projects we are involved with. Our partners see a greater return without the headache often associated with traditional financial investments. Our philosophy is to focus on growing businesses while seeking and recognizing value that is often overlooked. We bring people and businesses together that traditionally would not have found one another. StartUP develops real businesses that make sense, that have value and more importantly show profitability.

Industries that have shown resillence in the current global economy include real estate, health, entertainment/ leisure and service based industries. We feel the economy has little effect on these industries and that opportunity exists with these industries especially in underserved markets throughout the world. StartUP Consultants work hard to stay ahead of the curb when considering opportunities and capitalizes on growing businesses that have value and show profitability. By focusing on businesses that have a stated value (profits/equity/assets) a calculated rate of return can be assured.

Another strategy we have had success with is combining a profitable business with the ownership of land. The business revenues finance the property while building equity in the land it operates on. Leveraging revenues to equity adds value and increases return on investment (ROI) dramatically. Please Contact Us to discuss our strategies and see how Start Up Consultants can benefit you and your company.

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